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Products Tried &Tested the world over
A wide range of application specific tread rubber covers most usage conditions with the compound used in each design tailored to suit the terrain.
We at Treadsdirect are committed to understanding your needs as a retreader and providing the appropriate solutions through a comprehensive range of products and services such as supply of equipment, raw material, service and technology support.

Very few in the industry offer such a complete range of services. This commitment has made us what we are today-750 customers in 45 countries, 7 manufacturing facilities in five countries producing over 25 million kilograms of retreading materials through modern manufacturing facilities backed by state of art laboratories for research and testing of metals and polymers.

Whether your requirement is for a complete retreading system or just a need for raw material, we have the most appropriate solution.

Make the right choice. Make Treadsdirect your partner in progress.

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